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YAR JANG is a professional brake pads and brake lines manufacturer and specialized in manufacturing a series of brake pads, includes street brake pads, sport brake pads, and race brake pads.

Brake Pads

Street Pads Sport Pads Race Pads

  • Low dust
  • No noise
  • Average fade
  • Very good cold bite
  • Long life
  • Suitable for street use only
  • Average dust
  • Low noise
  • Low fade
  • Good cold bite
  • Average life
  • Suitable for street and track use
  • High dust
  • Average noise
  • No fade
  • Average cold bite
  • Short life
  • Suitable for track use only

This radar graph adds some perspective...

Brake Lines

Our Brake Lines are braided stainless steel brake lines. Inside the flexible hoses is Teflon material‚ which improves brake system effectiveness and longevity.