Yar Jang main products are modified automotive and related parts. All of our products are designed and manufactured under the most stringent specifications.

We have a professional CNC lathes and milling measuring tool. Over the years, we have accumulated a wide range of experience and laid a solid foundation.

This big brake kit features optimum braking performance, attractive look, easy installation and cost-effective price. We are proud to say that all components we use on the kit are the first grade material to ensure the product durability and strength.

We have developed a complete series of Big Brake Kits, which include 2-piece racing brake rotors (optional floating rotors), racing brake calipers, caliper mounting brackets, brake pads and brake lines. It's totally ready. Just put on your esteemed brand name and it's ready to roar in your market. Of course,We let you customize our products. We look forward to working with you