Big Brake Kits F3408 / (external seals)

Product Serial : F3408-405*36mm

Product Description

The big brake kits F3408 include forged billet aluminum calipers, lightweight rotors, high performance brake pads, caliper mounting brackets, and brake lines. The big brake kits can be anoizing and powder coated in different colors according to customer's needs and requests.

  • 1.Iron Gray
  • 2.Red
  • 3.Bronze
  • 4.Flashing Blue
  • 5.Orange
  • 7.Gold
  • 8.Purple
  • 9.Green
  • 10.Deep Blue
  • 11.Brown
  • 12.Silver
  • 13.Black
  • 16.Light Blue
  • 17.Orange Yellow
  • 18.Champagne Gold

Powder Coated Colors

Product Specification

Rotors Size(mm) Brake pad NO.
405*36 SC-0939-00

Product Feature

The following is included in the kit

1.Forged billet aluminum calipers with anti-rust coating *2
2.Two piece, drilled or slotted rotors (405*36mm) with lightweight aluminum centre bells *2
3.High Performance Sport Compound Brake Pads *4
4.CNC machined steel caliper mounting brackets*2
5.High quality stainless steel braided brake lines*2